T&J Travels #8: Tagaytay 2017 (Part 2)

One good thing about this not bringing a car thing is we’ve learned where the terminal is. This is the only starting point we needed to remember since all of the jeeps know where it is. The jeep’s signboard has People’s Park on it (it’s the last stop too) which helped us get to the Park and Picnic Grove the next day.

+ People’s Park (In the Sky) +

Entrance – 30 each | Fare – 17 each


It’s an hour before 5pm (our target for leaving in fear that we might not have any ride home) but visitors are still aplenty. A good 20 minute or so I realized how a ripoff 30 PHP is. I haven’t been here for a long time already and yet I see no improvements, if anything it had gone worse. It smells, everything is in much more ruins than before and the vandals are still not repainted over. I wonder where the entrance fees goes?


I haven’t taken too many shots because it’s terribly disappointing. In my head I have this fantasy that maybe if I get to be filthy rich someday I’d purchase this as my own and improve the place with gardens and man made waterfalls and possible telescopes and an observatory and a small b&b. But hey that’s just me in my dreams.


It took us just a short time to get ourselves a jeep because a completely empty one came (but not quick enough to prevent a vendor who eyed us coming out and buy her espasol). The driver was telling us his stop is the terminal so we were all shocked with the fare of 8PHP instead of 16 pesos earlier. Sometime down when he dropped us off at a jeep bay that wasn’t even half of the trip down. We got another jeep supposedly back to the Olivarez terminal but since the driver chose a route that would pass by our hotel, we got off there instead.


After dropping off our espasol at the hotel we decided to eat something. We hailed another jeep at the rotunda (signboard has Sky Ranch on it). We only passed by and didn’t get in (not in the mood. Besides it’s a rip off. All activities inside involved separate payments yet you still have to pay for the entrance fee) but we did go in a 7/11 branch that thankfully sells toothbrush. From there we walked towards Mushroom Burger.


It is not too far, your marker is a Mcdonalds branch and you could already see it from afar.

+ Mushroom Burger +

Our arrival was very timely because as soon as Reagan walked to the counter huge groups of people started coming it’s unbelievable. I mean, McDs just near so for people to go the extra mile, that speaks something.


I got the very basic burger and some ice cream. I loved what I got which is really simple mushroom patty that tasted like real meat (to me anyway). Ice cream isn’t the same case as it’s too sweet. I wasn’t able to finish the entire cup.

We walked back to the nearest waiting shed where there are also a few people waiting. We were lucky to get in a multicab just before a huge downpour. Instead of getting back to the actual terminal, we just got off at the gas station near the rotunda where we walked back to our place. It was still raining but it’s better to walk nearer than coming further back.


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