Lara Jean Trilogy by Jenny Han


*Before you get all worked up, I don’t think that’s officially what it’s called but I would just name it like that anyway. To the uninitiated here’s the 3 books:

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (2014)

P.S. I Still Love You (2015)

Always and Forever Lara Jean (2017)

The first book have all the elements for a producer to green light this for a teenager romcom. It even had a good hanging ending which will encourage you to read the sequel. I’m not much of a fan of romance novels but it’s hard to dismiss a novel that is not even 300 pages and easy to read, hence when I finished the first book I really must know if Lara Jean truly chose Peter.

…which she did on the sequel and that’s pretty much it. The rest of the book was meh. Everything I liked about the character of Peter was stupidly torn down by a weird reason (he kept on going back to his ex) and surprise surprise: a love triangle with yet another handsome blonde (Question: if Lara Jean was able to charm two hot boys, why is she not a popular mean girl?). What a convenient way to add more dilemma to our main gal. The ending was forgettable but you kind of think it’s really over. But then there’s a third book. As to why this exists, I have no idea. I’m halfway through it and nothing exciting is happening yet. A quarter into it, finally a dilemma (it involves a parent who does not agree on the relationship which is a well used monkey wrench on any romance novel) and Peter’s acting up again by being distant. He’s not texting again too!

While the third book is not even remotely amazing, I hope there won’t be anymore.The third book to me felt like fan service, it’s as if there’s a need to justify that Peter is Lara Jean’s best choice. He’s too perfect in this book, he even had to deny himself sex because of an internal analysis of why Lara Jean’s suddenly asking for it!

I see no reason why girls wouldn’t like the trilogy especially if the readers are the same type: passive and has hobbies that doesn’t involve partying and drinking all night. But then for this to work, you really must be hot, I mean she’s gorgeous at every chance she could be described as such so it is possible for a super popular athlete to notice you. Once you think about it, everything is just too ideal it’s borderline fantasy. This is probably one of the reasons why I rarely read romance novels anymore. I’m too old to believe in this.**

Recommendation: If you’re a teen who doesn’t have a boyfriend and you’re still naive, YES. If you’re in your 30s like me, probably not. It’s a good distraction from a taxing book such as The Handmaid’s Tale though.


**Well don’t get me wrong I do believe in romance and the situations here in the book is probably not just for my age.


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