I am in love with Max Riemelt!

I have gone completely mad. I have become what most girls are like with their male celebrity crush– They love them. Like stalk all their social media-you can’t help but swoon phase. I’m even posting a confession blog damnit. I do have a lot of crushes but not to this same level. I literally have to find AND LIKE all the pictures of his on those social media accounts* I found and find myself grinning silly at the photos and GIFs posted all over the internet. 

I mean look at this handsomeness** here

And here I am retweeting his GIFs:

I fondly recall how in the last episode of Sense 8 I was hanging on to his every word (especially that scene with his character Wolfgang and his co-actor, TINA who plays Kala). My mouth was agape, my heart beating too fast. What the f*ck is going on with me?!!

Ok so obviously it’s impossible for us to meet, but I don’t know how I would react if it’s remotely happening in the future. I mean, there are no plans of me going to Germany for the next, I  don’t know, years?! For now I love rewatching Sense 8 just for the sake of seeing him more times. I have also now realized that he stars in this hollywood film with Teresa Palmer, Berlin Syndrome but I don’t think I would like to watch it because he’s a bad guy there. I could only hope he’s given more roles by Hollywood that would not make me scared of him. For the meantime I need that fantasy of a bad guy-good guy who rarely smiles. I don’t even need a nude scene! 

*even if the sites ARE official, it’s handled by his team and not him. If he doesn’t have a personal account it’s probably he’s just not into it or that’s how they do it there (as an actor in Germany I mean)

**Yes I really intend to show screencaps since all photos are not mine to own.


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