Staycation: Conrad Manila (5.23.2017)

It’s our annual staycation! We would have gone to Bataan but I was baffled at the pricing provided for us plus it’s quite hot. We will go there though, probably after the summer.

I was advised by officemates that there is a long line at the counter. It wasn’t when I came but it just took them a long time to assist a guest. When we were up we we’re unfortunately told to wait since our room is not yet ready. It was such a long wait that my phone is almost drained when our key cards we’re handed over to us.

The room is not jaw dropping but I am digging the color scheme. All browns and muted. Everything has it’s storage, even the mini ref and bar is inside a cabinet!

The beds are firm as I want it to be and even if they have already provided a good number of fluffy pillows, there’s still a pillow menu! I got Igusa and Reagan, Kapok (?). Mine is a hard long pillow that I enjoy resting my head on. The faint smell of grass and the support of my neck is welcoming. Reagan’s didn’t feel any different whatsoever.

The layout of the bath is really well thought. Bath on the left, toilet on the right, sink in the middle. You can choose to  close the entire bath or just leave it open since the door’s orientation is sliding.

The huge windows are also a treat especially if you are facing the bay / amenities area. From our floor (5th) we could see both the bay, the pool and even the lounge area for check in. The curtains and blinds are electronically controlled by switches near the bed. No need to go up to let the morning sun in.

Breakfast is served as early as 6 and up to 10am (or was it 11?). When we went down it was fully packed we were lucky to get a seat at Brasserie3. The rest was accommodated at a function area that I’m guessing didn’t have any window view and a bit far from the buffet table.

The choices are just OK, they don’t have extensive choices per theme but well stock enough for tons of guests. What I didn’t like is their service. They do need to have more waiters. Our coffee and tea came only after we followed up, but this is almost at the end of our meal. I was even joking that I should try what another guest did who stood and did a monologue to whoever unfortunate waiter that might hear her speech of not getting her beverages refilled even without asking.

They have a turndown service and we really appreciate it after a long day. However when officemates and I shared stories it seems like we’re the only ones who got food.

Recommendations: Stay, if you can afford it yes. But if you’re going to stay by the pool, be there early because the cabanas are really few. Same as at breakfast if you are a large group be there as soon as you can. It is also convenient, MoA is just a bridge away and if you’re lucky you can go to SMX too! (That’s what we did when I found out there’s a bag and shoe sale.)

Tiny pet peeves: Consistency. An officemate who got there earlier did’t get the pillows she requested and it took them a long time. We encountered the same thing only that we are luckier because we were able to secure two pillows and we got it before we left. A brighter hallway is also something they have to think about because it’s long and quite narrow.


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