The BPI Incident


It’s the 2nd day of the internal issue that unfortunately happened to one of the banks I like, BPI. Till now I still have no access online nor was able to successfully withdraw from an ATM. I can still go on for a few days without withdrawing from them BUT, I do not want to have any issues this payroll (it’s next week!!) since I have important bills to pay (amortization, and taxes, to name a few).

As someone from IT, and from a bank too, we’re quite familiar that this kind of scenario would happen at some point, luckily not caused by one’s self. That’s why we have testing environments, QA testing, UAT and multiple deployments in different instances to prevent something like this to happen. If it was indeed caused by their IT department and someone (or more) got sacked, well if that ain’t traumatic, I don’t know what is. So that’s my theory other than my not so far fetched one which is someone ran their batch process twice erroneously and their programs have no validations to skip successful ones prior. I doubt BPI would truly reveal the exact reasons why but I am pretty sure that it’s not one of these things I read circulating on the internet:

  1. Hacking – If it was hacking, ALL (if not most) OF US won’t have cash anymore. Who hacks and gives away 12 Billion to a nobody? Also, if it was indeed hacking, we would be advised the soonest to change passwords right?
  2. The Government has something to do with it / they’re raising money to give to Duterte – You know, if it was indeed the government ask yourself this, why the hell would they even do this so publicly? And if they wanted to move money around, they don’t need to show it on your records.

Reading through the comments in social media makes my head hurt. The conspiracy theories are too laughable and dumb it’s borderline unbelievable. Reminds me of this from Bojack Horseman:

Unbelievable, when your powers combine,

you’re somehow even more stupid

than the sum of your stupids.


And it won’t help if you keep on transacting too just out of panic. Leave the records alone, they say they’re going to fix it, just trust the bank and the technology given. Calm down. The world won’t end (yet). Now, if only they’d get back to my compromised credit card …


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