T&J Travels #9: Kuala Lumpur & Melaka 2017 (Part 6)


I am not sure if this is a shortcut because we see no one using it. On the way to the top we saw a group of Koreans coming from the left (possibly another way). It’s a good thing no one is going up the stairs too because I had to stop so many times. When we reached the top that’s where we found all the tourists to be. Also around the church are souvenir stalls. It is tempting to buy little trinkets but anxiety in talking to strangers stops me from doing so.



Unlike the one in Macau, the ruins in this St. Paul are better preserved because it has most of it’s walls intact. There are also plaques of rocks that are still in good shape, too bad we couldn’t understand what most of it says. At the latter portion of the building is a locked (dry) well for your excess coins you would like to trade a wish for.


Since the church is on a hill, you could oversee some buildings within the area. There’s the mall and an open space for events. In our visit they are erecting canopies for what I could assume to be in preparation for the New Year festivities. The Governor’s museum is nearby too but we chose not to go there anymore.

Reagan wanted to see the Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum but they’re already closed.  It took a bit of time to find it because on photos it had a blue roof. When we saw it at the gate it was a combination of green and brown. Actually there are a lot of museums here it is truly impossible to finish everything within a day. I would have loved to see the exhibit of the human body in a different country and YEARS later but alas, our time is limited. There’s just too much in Melaka I call it an ultimate tourist trap. I probably need 2 or 3 days for this! To give someone an idea, here’s the map of the fortress (alone) with all the tourist spots we haven’t been in (3/12):


We went back to Jonker walk to hail a GRAB right at H&M. It’s tempting to see bargains at H&M but we were hoping to get back to KL for our Colmar Tropicale reservation. When we arrived (as mentioned in the earlier post) we’ve got the last seats for the 630 trip.

+ Berjaya Times Square +

The office is already closed when we arrived, so as the mall. The good thing that happened there is we found the “secret elevator” that would come in handy the next day. Based on blogs, the office is already open at 9AM even though the mall’s open hours is at 10.

We had our dinner at the food court downstairs that as luck would have it still cater to us. Being the holidays and all, we know it’s a risk, but let’s see.


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