T&J Travels #10: Japan 2018 (Part 6)


One of my most favorite things in Japan are the availability of weird drinks on their vendo machine. On this day I decided to get this drink from Beard Papa. It tastes something like flavored milk but not too sweet.

+ Universal Studios Japan +


Price 15800JPY (for 2)

We thought we were early but when we arrived at the gates of USJ, there are already a lot of people INSIDE. We rushed to look for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter being it’s the only place I really wanted to see on the park.


When we found the path that leads to the castle my heart started to beat really quick. USJ actually went to lengths of adding the detail of having REAL pines lead up to the entrance of WWHH (there’s even the car Ron and Harry crashed on the side) and of course the tinkling of the HP theme on the air. I have seen pictures but I was still at awe in seeing the attraction, a mish mash of the places in the HP universe in one Hogsmeade-like village. They have those small details you would only appreciate being a Potterhead and I absolutely love it!


Tip: Anyone going should not forget to go the toilet to hear Moaning Myrtle!

We weren’t able to get breakfast because we immediately ran to the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey (at the castle). There was already a long line but the wait isn’t as much. I liked the ride but since Harry and the gang are speaking in Japanese it kind of took away from the thrill. It is also unfortunate that you couldn’t take pictures (understandable) because you have to leave all of your stuff at the provided lockers. After the ride we (or more like I) shopped at the store for souvenirs. Most items are a bit expensive but it’s hard to resist! Seriously if I come back I would be much more prepared than I was. I bought different Potter items for my sister and I got myself a butter beer mug that looked like it had beer on it.

Three Broomsticks


Well OF COURSE!!!!! And even though I already got myself a mug from the emporium I still went along and bought my meal with one (I reason it’s different). We both got the same meal, butter beer, chicken, corn and some bread. I also realized why no one’s eating outside, it’s too damn cold! I offered Reagan for him and I to go back in and lose our view, but we decided to stay even if it meant our food got cold easily.

Price 5850JPY


As much as I wanted to stay longer, I eventually told Reagan and I to leave and explore the rest of the park. Most of our time though was spent at The Flying Dinosaur which he had been eyeing ever since we saw USJ from afar. We were stuck for more than 2 hours on the line, in intermittent rain and cold. When we’re finished it’s dark, not enough time for us to try out anymore rides like the one in Final Fantasy because they already stopped the queue nor get to the ferry and visit the Kaiyukan and the Ferris Wheel near it. Oh well. There’s always next time.

Outside of USJ, we looked for a dinner place at Universal City Walk and ended up at Inaba Wako for pork cutlets. Our meal’s total was 3034JPY.


After dinner, we went in a branch of Jump Shop. It had tons of familiar anime merchandise. They have a lot of DBZs and I’m tempted to buy useless stuff to fill my unit with but knowing how I already spent at Harry Potter’s earlier today, I did my best to resist. One Piece is really popular so it wasn’t hard seeing items in that theme on display. After a series of photos via messenger my sister tasked me into buying her a really expensive (imho) coin bank in the form of a popular whale from One Piece.





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