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HMR Online Auction: YEAAAAAAP Online*

I don’t know what has possessed me to check out HMR again only this time, ONLINE. They have an app (browser works just as fine) that allows you to bid for items with the exception of meeting your competition and that last for a few days. I was only browsing until I saw lots that… Continue reading HMR Online Auction: YEAAAAAAP Online*

The Metro Experience

TME: My Las Pinas (Moonwalk-BF Resort) Mini Fieldtrip (1.25.2014)

I got one of my wishes early this year by finally getting my long standing request of visiting the hometown of my bf. He showed me around, introduced me to his sister and one of their dogs and have finally seen their house. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to meet her mom that time because we… Continue reading TME: My Las Pinas (Moonwalk-BF Resort) Mini Fieldtrip (1.25.2014)